New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year and there are a lot of unrealistic aspirations to set up for the upcoming 2015. Inevitably a majority are doomed to fail, so I’m going to highlight a number of smaller goals that I would consider plausible and capable of achieving longevity. Plus I love to make lists.

  •  Read 30 books. This isn’t a big feat I wouldn’t think, especially considering I love to read, but sometimes I go through dry spells (which is not to say I don’t read enough content online to surpass 200 novels) and I get into a book-funk. The stipend with this, though, is that 5 of those must be regarded as classics, and I must read as an either/ or some autobiographies or biographies. Broaden those horizons!
  • Watch 100 movies. 10 must be classics, made before a date I haven’t yet settled on. 5 must be documentaries. I would throw a foreign film category in there but that’s not a challenge because I love to watch foreign films. I like to be current with films, especially when it’s awards season, so I’d like to continue that and be involved with the conversation, even when the festivals start.
  • Something to do with health. This is a goal every year. However, this time it’s just tiny goals, like eating less meat, exercising a little more, trying to portion control and eat less bad snacks. It’s a little difficult to do those things here in Korea, but there’s nothing like a new year to get you motivated.
  • Travel. I suppose it’s not a goal if you’re already going to be doing it, but oh well. I have Japan and Europe to look forward to, and I’m going to see Taylor Swift play Hyde Park. It’s so strange having so many plans lined up already.
  • Start a new blog, website, or tumblr and record everything I’m reading, watching, or playing. Why not? I enjoy recording such things.

Secondary, cliche, blah blah blah resolutions.

  • Say yes. Basically put myself out there more, regardless of my introverted proclivities and how much of a challenge that can be. I suppose I just want to force myself to get out there. This is a reminder more than a goal, but it’s worth noting. As a side note, I’d like to try something I never have before, like rock climbing.