Wine Train

Valentine’s Day 2015 entailed a big train and unlimited amounts of wine. Really. I experienced being blind-drunk before the first pm and then a hangover, all in the same twelve hours. It was really fun, though! A and T asked us whether we were interested a couple of weeks ago, so of course we said yes, and it just so happened to fall on V-day. We got up at the actual crack of dawn and took intermittent taxis to Seoul station because we were running late.

The train itself was faux-Parisien in style. On board there was a small wine presentation – all in Korean – and a couple of stupid games for the passengers, then a small taste-test of the four wines, and then we had the liberty of calling over the wine we preferred. Trust me, that level of power is dangerous – I don’t even know how many glasses we all had. The first three hours disappeared in a flash. I think we were the only waygookin on the whole trip. Danny got a kiss on the lips from a drunk ajumma after he handed her a tangerine and we all couldn’t stop laughing.

We got to the wine place itself and had a big buffet style lunch (with more wine) until time for the following activities: learning how to use a Korean drum, watching an orchestral performance, seeing the world’s biggest drum, walking around a small wine museum, and dipping our feet in a wine foot spa. Oh, and we stopped off to see an icy waterfall. By the time we got back to the train, we were knackered. I was sleep-walking most of it. Fortunately we were in the cinema carriage on the way back, so I popped in some headphones and dozed the whole way.

And that was Valentine’s Day!

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