Gwangjang Market, Namsan, Linus’ Barbeque

Considering I’ve been in Korea for close to eleven months, it was a bit of a travesty that I hadn’t been to Namsan Tower, so on Saturday Danny and I had a day of bucket-list adventuring.

First stop was Gwangjang Market for a bindaetteok pancake, which was as tasty as I’d hoped. The market itself, which was far bigger and more convoluted than I’d imagined, was incredibly crowded, so we got our jeon to go and ended up sitting by the nearby stream to eat it. For 4, 000 won it was the cheapest lunch for two I’ve ever known.

After that we hit Myeongdong, stopping for an obligatory Starbucks, then found the cable car for Namsan Tower. Unfortunately it was a smoggy day, but it was nice all the same. We’d grabbed a couple of Nutella packs (5,000 well spent!!), and subsequently perched ourselves on a bench ¬†and scoffed them. To be honest, there isn’t much to tell aside from that: the view was nice enough, there was some kind of Japenese inspired performance art happening, and there were an awul lot of people there. So, onwards.

We hit Itaewon for dinner and decided upon Linus’ Barbecue. It was so good! Very southern. We were going to do a bit of a bar crawl after but decided to call it quits, instead apartment-drinking and watching a terrible movie. Mission accomplished!

IMG_3554 IMG_3559 IMG_3561 IMG_3562