Leaving Korea

Okay, where to begin? A lot has happened these past few weeks, so I’m going to tackle it one post at a time, starting with leaving Korea.

I’ll start with school: saying goodbye was a little emotional. Sometimes I saw my kids and would get blown away by how much they’d grown, psychically and mentally. My seven year olds were all graduating. Ellie, Irene, Amalie, Vivian, Tony, Jamie, Caleb, Louis; I’m going to miss most of them, of course I am. My W1 class were my babies. The whole school actually performed an end of year concert – I’d been hearing rehearsals for weeks – and all the parents turned up and it was a big deal with a booked venue and and evening slot, so I turned up to help behind-the-scenes. I’m glad I went; it was closure. At school we had a graduation ceremony: all the classes stood up to have pictures, their respective teachers said some stuff. I actually got passed the mic and I had the whole school looking at me so I babbled some stuff in English, then said ‘I love you’ in Korean, to which all of the kids replied ‘I love you’. I cried. I said goodbye to most of the teachers, too. I gave Sue a hug. I brought in coffee for everyone as a goodbye thing, and I gave candy to all the kids.

It was hectic getting the apartment and my finances all sorted. Cancelling my phone contract was easy. Sue and Jacob are lovely people, but business incompetent, so I didn’t get paid the money I thought I would on the day they told me, which derailed my plans. I ended up transferring my money once I was back from Japan in that one hour time slot we had during the day. Talk about last-minute. Anyway, my finances ended up sorted, the apartment all packed up. A and T let us store all of our stuff at their place while we went to Japan for the week. It was all relatively smooth from there on out.

We came back from Japan in the morning hours, sorted my bank stuff out at the airport, travelled to Hanam to sort out our stuff, which took all day, said goodbye to A + T, travel back to the airport, spend the whole night there, catch our flight in the morning, spent 11 hours travelling to London, have a layover, fly to Manchester, and spend a couple of hours on the drive home. I didn’t sleep for three days. I was borderline delusional. But I’m home now, which will be another post.

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