Itaewon Bar Crawl and The End of Korra

Last night Danny, Emma and I embarked upon a bar crawl in Itaewon. First we lined our stomachs at Left Coast Burger – which was a refreshing change from last-resort Lotteria – and promptly ventured to The Wolfhound for sangria. It had the atmosphere of a British pub, moreso than anywhere else I’ve been thus far, so I’ll definitely be returning for the mulled wine and general Christmassy ambience. Next was Geckos, which Emma likened to a Korean Weatherspoons. Yes, I see it now. We ordered a pitcher (practically a barrel) of beer for the table. Just as we left it started to snow. We did try and pop upstairs to Bulldogs but they were having a salsa night so we scarpered away from there rather quickly. Cold and adventurous, we then found JR’s pub on the main street, where we ordered cocktails, sat at the bar, and played a terrible, semi-drunken game of pool. After that we wandered around aimlessly, then ended up in another British pub – Rose & Crown – but left shortly after to taxi home while we still had our wits about us. Overall it was a fun evening. Itaewon done right is a fantastic experience.

Now, Saturday afternoon, Danny and I have just watched the last ever episode of The Legend of Korra, which I can’t stop grinning and grimacing over (grinning because it was a perfect ending, grimacing because it’s actually finished). I could talk about that show indefinitely. It’s a lazy day. We were going over to a friend’s for a gift-swap party, but we’re tired and unmotivated, so screw it.

I don’t quite remember what I have and haven’t talked about lately, so I’ll do an overview for my own memory’s sake: On Wednesday night Danny and I invited Taylor and Alison to Zoo Zoos for a drink. They were super happy with the chocolate Danny had brought them. On Thursday we bumped into Connie in A Twosome Place, which was nice because we hadn’t seen her in ages. Last Friday I met with Emma and we went for pancakes at Butterfingers in Gangnam, then Bulldogs, scoring a free shot of tequila. On Saturday I met with Elena and we went out for pizza and then back to hers for a bit of nerd time.

It’s mainly been a routine of school and my apartment lately. I’ve started reading the latest Murakami, started playing Super Smash Brothers, and started making my way through all the awards show films.

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